Green Energy Unicorns

It is not just sufficient to diagnose a problem and get some noisy activists to think up a solution. It is not even sufficient to get some of the greatest economists to devise the theoretically ideal policy. It is also necessary to drive that policy through to a conclusion. Donna Laframboise provides a catalogue of recent green energy failures. It is far from being an exhaustive list, but it amply illustrates that even if we are facing an imminent climate apocalypse, these green policies are not only useless, they are making us poorer, and thus making the situation worse.

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Everywhere it has been tried, green energy is costly, unreliable & financially unsustainable over the long term. Here’s a reading list for those still in doubt.

I’ve recently been writing about the fossil fuel divestment movement which, according to someaccounts, is “sweeping” US college campuses. In the opinion of the idealistic young activists involved in this movement, fossil fuels are passé.

“It’s time for a new age of renewables” they declare. College endowment funds should invest in “renewable energies” instead.

Why do we hold on so firmly to green fantasies? Why won’t we admit that currently available renewable energy sources don’t measure up?

This past March, the chief investment officer for California’s state pension plan called investments in clean technology “a noble way to lose money.” It’s possible, he acknowledged, that some of these investments might turn out to be profitable on a timescale of…

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  1. tckev

     /  02/06/2013

    You may also want to note that the Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) has abandoned its strategy to export solar power generated from the Sahara to Europe, killing hopes of boosting the continent’s share of renewable electricity with cheap external supplies. It is only one of the EU’s more expensive projects ~€500billion but of course it would have brought so much to Europe’s unemployed young.

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