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To attempt a novel analysis of current issues, through utilising studies of economics and experience of management accountancy in manufacturing industry.

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  1. Manic B. Counter;
    Pls email me; I’d like to discuss an economically radical (positive) development which is likely to “break” over the world in a very few years.

  2. I’m not sure if its a browser issue, but I can’t seem to add a comment like other people have on past posts. Anyway- you have interesting content. I wish more liberals would read this sort of thing- they are too stuck in their echo chambers these days it seems.
    I was going to mention I liked the Feynman article, and not to contradict the “Big Dick” Feynman himself- but the Reds *did* win the Space Race, whether we Laika or not. 😉
    Damn that doggie! 😛

    Also I should point out that Feynman was a socialist early in his life (high school, at least), although the Red Scare #2 seemed sufficient to curb that. For him and many other Jews as well- 6 of the “Hollywod 10” persecuted by the HUAC were Jewish, despite being only 1.4% of the population. In the 1920s they were deported and imprisoned without a trial during the 1st Red Scare / Palmer Raids. Only the most stalwart ()or crazy) Jewish socialists kept that identity, usually much to their detriment.

    “Hitler’s Public Enemy #1” was one of those crazies, actually. He went by the name Albert Einstein, and fled Germany after Hitler put a large bounty on his head. Einstein had much in common with MLK Jr- both socialist who touted social justice and pacifism. Very different from George Orwell, a democratic socialist who *hated* pacifism. Feynman was like Orwell; neither had much love for the Commies, but and even less for Fascists. Orwell took a bullet in the throat from a Fascist in Spain, after all. In any case, Einstein’s FBI file was around 1400 pages long- I have it, actually, and also Feynman’s. Which is only.. lets see. 361 pages long.

    You seem pretty critical of leftists- and to be fair, they are being complete numbskulls recently with their totalitarian corporate censorship agenda. I think its something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Certain news channels blew it out of proportion, then leadership in various companies read or heard about that news- and thought (insanely “Wow I better not fall behind the other libs in draconian muzzle policies!” As bad as the corporate muzzles and conservative persecution by the feds feels to many today, their prior persecution of libs was much worse in the 50s and 60s. For instance, the head of the Bureau compiled a list of 12,000 libs- and asked President Truman to suspend habeas corpus, then detain and interrogate them for disloyalty. Truman said no- mentioned that making an “American gestapo” would look generate “considerable aversion” in the country. What I would like to know is when and how the feds (and Deep State) transitioned from conservative to liberal. And also why this didn’t translate to a softer policy towards Russia/China. In case you missed it- Biden is an absolute war-monger. Its disgraceful.

    Sorry about the long comment. I got carried away. 🙂

    • manicbeancounter

       /  19/02/2022

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    • manicbeancounter

       /  19/02/2022

      It was a long, but interesting comment.
      I have not had many posts of late, but that is not due to having nothing to contribute. Rather most people have stopped trying to understand the natural world through scientific method or try to appreciate that other views are not just possible but may have valid points. It has become the dominance of particular a priori beliefs with evidence mostly evaluated in the light of those beliefs. In climate science these beliefs are along the lines of “climate change is happening, is human caused and solvable (Supran and Oreskes 2017 – see articles). There is no recognition of the limits of our collective knowledge nor the ineffectiveness and costs of policy.
      Similar things have happened with the response to Covid. The response to a massive flu-like pandemic had been studied for years. The UK National Risk Register 2017 considered a pandemic causing 20,000 to 750,000 deaths (against 160,000 so far) with no recommendations for a national lockdown nor for mask wearing in public places. The UK followed the recommendations first then threw it out the window to follow the lead of other countries.
      Thanks again for your comment.


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