Has Kevin Trenberth Reversed his position on Reversing the Null Hypothesis?

There is an interesting quote from Kevin Trenberth at SciGuy on Hurricane Sandy

It is true that hurricanes normally recurve and head east, especially at this time of year. So we do have a negative NAO and some blocking anticyclone in place, but the null hypothesis has to be that this is just “weather” and natural variability.

(emphasis mine)

Now would this be the same Kevin Trenberth who just 12 months ago was advocating that we reverse the null hypothesis?

“Humans are changing our climate. There is no doubt whatsoever,” said Trenberth. “Questions remain as to the extent of our collective contribution, but it is clear that the effects are not small and have emerged from the noise of natural variability. So why does the science community continue to do attribution studies and assume that humans have no influence as a null hypothesis?”

Has Trenberth now reversed his position on reversing the null hypthosis?

(I linked to SciGuy from Wattsupwiththat)

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  1. Brian H

     /  05/11/2012

    No, just for Sandy. He’ll ‘cling tight’ to the Big Null: humans done it.

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