Labour “Has Got Us Lost” Party Political Broadcast

Iain Dale’s first impressions of Labour’s new Party Political Broadcast “The Road Ahead”

I have an alternative impression.

This is a solitary guy who seems to have gone for a walk on unfamiliar bleak moors without a map, or compass, or drink, or food and no idea of where he is going. He was not prepared for the journey.

As such he could easily get into trouble and need rescuing. Alternatively, if the weather turned, and with no phone he could die of exposure. However, most likely he will only end up exhausted with sore feet, wiser for the mistake.

Britain entered this recession with a structural deficit. It was not best prepared for the banking crisis and recession. We then had a Prime Minister who had spent years isolating himself from contrary opinions, and so had to make decisions on his own. As a result of his imprudence, we Britain may need to be rescued in the near future, no matter who gets into power. Most likely, in a few years, we will emerge a nation weaker as a result of imprudence, but wary of ever electing a Labour government again.


  1. After the past twenty five years, we should be weary of ever electing both a Labour and a Tory government ever again.

  2. John Smith

     /  12/04/2010

    Maybe his (moral) compass is built in like el Gordo’s?

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