Open Letter to Rt Hon Harriet Harmen MP

Dear Ms Harmen

I found it unfortunate this morning on Radio 5 Live that your were not given enough time to answer the question on how the selection of your husband as a Labour Party candidate reconciles with your campaigning for all women shortlists.
I would like to offer you the opportunity to explain here
I am sure that there are plenty of blogs who would replicate any reply. It would certainly help enlighten voters on a matter that they find somewhat opaque.

Your sincerely

(a slightly) Manic Beancounter

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1 Comment

  1. Stuart Fairney

     /  10/03/2010

    Political betting:

    Even money, no reply,
    3/1, an empty PR response not addressing any issues,
    9/1, a stern defence of the behaviour,
    100/1, an admission that she is a hypocrite,
    1,000/1, resignation and an announcement she intends to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry, possibly lap dancing.


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