A Labour Government Planning for Opposition 5 – Regional Assemblies

John Redwood points to a small victory for the Conservatives in the Commons yesterday in a vote on Regional Assemblies.

It may be a small victory, but a failing government ploughs on. Why should they do this when the opinion polls would show little enthusiam for the idea of another body of bureaurats?

Might I suggest that the New Labour spin-doctors have re-grouped under Lord Mandleson. The brief now is to destroy the incoming conservative government, by crippling them with commitments and providing daily headlines about Consrevative cuts. In so doing, the most destructive part of the alternative reality of properganda spin is revealed.


Englishman’s Castle provided a blog about the death of the South-Western Regional Assembly. It shows the lack of purpose in having such entities. The fact that the Government is still promoting the assemblies when they serve no distinct and useful purpose either suggests that


The government does not have a measure of their lack of purpose,


They are keeping them, expensively, on life-support, so that it is the Tories who will lkill off  “a brilliant initiative in decentralisation”

Either way, it does not show a government serving the people.

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