LabourList fails to live up to expectations



LabourList, a blog run by Derek Draper, has failed to live up to the expectations of being an alternative to Conservative Home or Iain Dale’s Diary. The reason, ably put by Lib-Dem blogger Mark Reckons, is due to

  1. Having too many mainstream part figures.
  2. Derek Draper’s own style, which consists of calling names opponents, consistently interrupting them and not understanding the issues.


The Labour party is tired and, broke for ideas and increasingly sleazy, just like the Conservatives in the 1990s. They are in need of a forum for ideas, to generate a fresh impetus for the 2018/9 general election. What they need to ditch is Spin, or to give it’s more traditional name propaganda. Like the Soviet Bloc countries, the government tends to believe its own spin. Derek Draper is the propagandist without the veneer of self-control. My evidence is from the transcript of a Radio 5 Live “debate” with John Redwood and with Paul Staines (Guido Fawkes) on The Daily Politics Show.

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