A Silent Withdrawal

Strange that when I searched Google through Virgin Media or Tiscali with ‘Congestion charge revenues’ or ‘Manchester Congestion Charge’, it no longer comes up with the sponsored link for


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Find out the FactsCongestion charge? Not until £3bn is invested in public transport




It is not just the false claim that has disappeared, it is the whole sponsored link. On Virginmedia or Tiscali it does not not appear in the top 30 as a normal link. More folks read this blog than I realised, or maybe the folks at Stop the Charge picked upon the same issue.


There is still a claim the is not entirely true. Try searching ‘GM Future Transport’


First result is


1.                             Manchester Congestion Charge – GMPTA – TIF

How the GMPTA will spend up to £3 billion on improvements to public transport, partly funded by a weekday peak-time only Manchester congestion charge.


The problems with this are


1. The £3bn is just £2.77bn.

2. This includes a contingency, so will only be achieved if they go overspent.

3. It also includes £313m for the introduction of the congestion charge, which is not expenditure on public transport.


This leaves around £2bn for public transport if the authourities stay within budget.


PDFs are included below.


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