Michael Mann and John Cook at Bristol University

Lucia at The Blackboard last month publicized that the John Cook is to speak at Bristol University on Dogma vs. consensus: Letting the evidence speak on climate change on Friday 19th September. There are still 395 free tickets left for the event.

Stephen Lewandowsky also notes that Michael Mann is to lecture at the same event on Tuesday 23rd September on The Hockey Stick and the climate wars – the battle continues. Just 102 free tickets left for this event.

Given the Mann’s belief that the continued climate denial is due to “massive funding of climate change denial by monied interests” (HuffPo), it might provide some light entertainment for the students.

Update 19th Sept. There are still 309 tickets left for the John Cook lecture for tomorrow – Friday 20th September. See http://www.bristol.ac.uk/cabot/events/2014/488.html

The Michael Mann lecture is now SOLD OUT, or more accurately, all the tickets have been given away.

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  1. Interesting times and I would love to be able to attend and listen to those speakers.

    But, we’re all doomed to the will of the powerful. Whoever yells the loudest is right. Their argument is correct, regardless of the facts.

    The powerful voice (and wealth) will win the argument, but lose the environment.

    Oh well, not my problem, it’s my grandkids worry, they’re the ones who will have to deal with what we leave them.

    BUT, will they wonder WHY we left them that environment?

    This cartoon will give them a clue . . .



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