Her Majesty’s Disloyal Opposition Commit Treason?

Comment just posted in response to this blog, at LabourHome to the idea that Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition should be accused of treason for talking down the currency.

    To accuse the Tories of treason in talking down sterling would also imply that there comments are heard and taken into consideration. If I were a currency trader, the opinions of an opposition party I would not rate nearly as highly as specialist economists, respected journalists, the Chairman of the Fed, the IMF etc. Further, I would allow for some bias in their views.
    More importantly, I would base my judgements real factors, such as the state of the British financial sector, the current account deficit, or the ability of the government to steer the economy away from the rocks.
Is Peter Kenyon so in awe of the opposition that he believes their comments can be anything more than the splash of a small pebble against a Tsunami?

In brief, it is only a serious act of disloyalty if it has an impact. If nobody takes the oppositions comments seriously in their actions, it will have no impact on the course of sterling or the economy.

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