The end of Nadine Dorries’s Career?


The Honourable Member for Mid-Beds has had her blog taken due to manic accusations about the Barclay Brothers, owners of the Telegraph. Full story from Dizzy, with additional comments by Iain Dale.

It is a shame that she should end the piece concerned with wild conspiracy theories. They do not stand up to close scrutiny. Nadine is also made wild suggestions on BBC Radio 5 Live that there is the risk of MPs committing suicide.  It looks like these extreme comments will drown out a very valid point – see next posting.


  1. She’s just insane, and, like the rest, a thief. Why aren’t they being arrested? Vote the pigs out! Vote BNP, Yes We Can!

  2. manicbeancounter

     /  24/05/2009

    To call someone insane without good reason is a tactic often employed by those who have not got an arguement. It was often used by the KGB against dissenters, as well as by Ceauşescu’s Romania. Further to accuse the MP’s as being theives is also wrong and potenially libellous. Is this why the BNP website has been taken down?

    If you care to read the following blog, what is wrong with the current system is that MPs generated this system as a way of obtaining a back door pay rise.

    If the BNP in power would propose making current MPs restrospectively criminals, then they should make that clear.

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